Beginners Guide To Snapchat Screen Recording For Monitoring Employees Social Media Activities

Living in this century is all fun and less worried as modern technology has made life so much easier and less laborious for us. Bored? Order a pizza from the nearest pizza place by just placing an online order, and watch how to get away with murder. No? just talk with the friend with filtered video call and stalk the weirdo guy from the college on the social media account to gossip. Still No? Just Throw a themed watch party. If you are still not there yet then you should just go to sleep.

The point is without much physical activity you can fulfill your social needs of the day by sitting on the couch in the living room. The credit goes to smart gadgets and the internet and a variety of social media platforms. This combo can make or break your life. Especially the social media thing is a deep wide marshland area to which one goes with his or her consent but there is no coming back. They have this magical spell that bounds us to check them again and again without any apparent reason. Am not saying that these apps are just solely harmful to mankind but it all depends on the use and we are not ready to talk about the excessive and obsessive use of social media apps as a community

The pros and cons of social media platforms are an open secret. I am here to share some tips and tricks that can be used to control and at least minimize this obsession at the workplace or in professional life. One way is to use spy apps or monitoring software like The OgyMogy that offer efficient social media monitoring features.

Todays's focus is the Snapchat screen recording features of the OgyMogy. How it can be used to keep a strict eye on the social media activity of the young employees during working hours.? Let's check the details.

Why Snap Chat Monitoring Is Necessary?

Snap chat is a unique social media platform in a way that it offers strict privacy rules to the users. On the other social media platform anyone can save or screenshot your image, video, or message but here you get a notification alert from the team Snapchat if your message or image has been saved in the form of a screenshot. It is all open and official here on Snapchat. No hiding, no stalking just pure confrontation. Thus if you want to use Snapchat but not in a confrontation mood like you are an employer and want to check the employee's Snapchat activities from the official gadget during working hours then this feature is for you.

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Similarly, another unique feature of Snapchat is that the message, image, or video file disappears within seconds and minutes after it has been opened. If employees use the app o discuss any official matter or share anything through the app it will disappear within seconds and there will be no record of any social media activity. OgyMogy helps the employer to know about all the disappeared messaging and about the media shared through this app.

Check The Text Content:

Know about every text message content of the employees with the OgyMogy Snapchat spy app and keep an eye on the code words and all the symbolic messages. In the case of the use of Snapchat in the marketing business, the employer can keep a strict eye on the communication between customers and employees.

Monitor the Audio and Video Call Log:

Monitor, the audio and video call log of the target employees during the working hours to check the Snapchat activities. Discourage personal contact with any customer or any other act that can make the customer uncomfortable. Employees are the face of the organization. Especially the marketing or public relation team has a great responsibility to maintain the repute of the organization. Track any bully or bad apple that tries to distort the face of the product by rotted attitude or any kind of misbehavior.

According to October 2020 statistics blog report, around 4.14 billion people use social media which comprise 53% of the global population. Well more than half of the world's population is busy on Facebook, Instagram., Snapchat, WhatsApp, and many other social media apps. Thus monitoring of social media is the need of the hour.

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