September 23, 2021


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DigitalPalz is the best website available to avail current information relating to technical, entertainment, wiki, queries, medical, travel, finance, insurance, business, electronics, gadgets, health, Hollywood, Bollywood, news, games, reviews, nutritional and some other numerous categories. Here, our team members deliver informative articles to cater to the needs of people.

DigitalPalz Blog Post Guidelines and Criteria:

All Blog Posts written for DigitalPalz are requisite to meet the terms with the following guidelines and criteria:

  1. Blog Posts should be in an easy-to-understandable language.
  2. Blog Posts should be approx. 1,000 words. And must comply with the readability. Though, lengthy blog posts will also be considered providing us with adequate and well-researched data.
  3. The Blog Posts for all niche is accepted, apart from the illegal and adult content that hampers the image of the website. For example health, news, wiki, queries, fitness, medical, tech, blogs, travel, biography, images website, gadgets, mobiles, electronic, finance, insurance, business, digital marketing, etc.
  4. The Blog Posts provided should be original content. And should not be published elsewhere.
  5. You should provide Blog Posts with at least 2 or 3 of your keyword(s).
  6. The DigitalPalz team will edit all submissions made in case of selection, before publishing.
  7. The DigitalPalz team will select a photo for your Blog Post. No photo submission is entertained by us.
  8. Plagiarism or copyright breach is not permitted by our DigitalPalz team.
  9. You can further promote your Blog Post on your own website, Twitter, Facebook, or other available social media platforms.
  10. No compensation is provided to the writer for writing blog posts.
  11. All the SEO keywords will be reviewed and will be added to the blog post, leading to the editing of the article.
  12. The DigitalPalz team reserves the right to remove the Blog Post, without informing or being answerable to you.

Process Of Submitting Article

Though, the process to make a submission of the blog post is very simple. As you can send your article directly at

[email protected]

Note: Mention {} In The Mail