3 Common Mistakes to Avoid With Advertising on Facebook

I'm going to show you today, the three biggest Facebook ads mistakes and the reason why your facebook ads aren't as profitable as you'd like them to be. Now whether you're an Amazon seller, a Shopify store owner, social media marketer, affiliate marketer, maybe you have a personal brand and you sell courses, coaching or services. I'm going to show you how to make your Facebook ads more profitable, so stay tuned.

Facebook ads is one of the highest paid skill sets online. So if you aren't running ads as we speak you need to be ok this is literally one of the highest income skill sets you can acquire. So if you learn how to run Facebook ads, businesses will pay you for it either as a client or as an affiliate.

You can go out and get businesses to pay for it or you can be an affiliate marketer for businesses, help them sell their products and they give you a commission and once you crack the code and turn your ads into slot machines you'll see what I mean. Here are 3 Common mistakes:

Market Research

First mistake is not enough market research and you're probably thinking this is super basic of course. People know market research. I want to ask you, do you know your top 10 competitors in your space . If you have a client, that maybe in the Dermatology space or maybe they're a plastic surgeon, do you know there are 10 top competitors.

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid With Advertising on Facebook

Well if you don't, then you know that's the market research that needs to be done. If you're selling, maybe you're selling wallets, do you know your top 10 competitors. You need to know that stuff because if you don't know your competitors and what they are doing then it's going to be hard to build your audiences and to build your targeting weather like you know who are you going to target, what are they interested in you, know what audience is going to resonate with your product well.

The one way to figure that out is to know what your competitors are doing. There are tools out there you know with Facebook and spying tools where you can go see your competitors ads and see what they are doing. You know what is their copy looking like, what kind of image are they using, whom are they targeting, who is commenting on their ads, so you could find all that out. You can even go onto their Facebook fan page and figure out.


3 Common Mistakes to Avoid With Advertising on Facebook

Number two is not enough testing. Now this goes back to number one because if you don't do your market research it's going to be hard to test your ads. If you do your market research and you know your top 10 competitors, then you're going to be able to create audiences like who to target. You have to test your ads, that mean audiences, geographical locations, age ranges, interests, behaviors, all that type of stuff.


Number three is not retargeting. This is the biggest one. This is where all the sales are made. If you aren't retargeting people that have landed on your website and then added the product to cart, then you're not doing your job as a Facebook advertiser.

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid With Advertising on Facebook

You need to be following up with those people and reminding them “Hey! I saw that you landed on the Add to Cart, what happened?? You know this offer, it expires in the next 24 hours”. Give them a deadline but retarget them so that they remember. So you must do retargeting ads to people that have landed on your website or Add to Cart and create a specific advertisement for that audience.

So these are the three quick Facebook ad fails. Now this is exactly why you're not profitable either you didn't do all three of these or maybe one of these has helped you out let me know down.

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