5 Tech Updates That Is Helping Small Businesses During the Current Pandemic

COVID-19 has hit the world hard! It has affected everyone in one way or the other. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the ones affected the most by this pandemic are the small businesses. Many business owners were either forced to cut the pays of their employees or to shut down their ventures completely. There are some entrepreneurs who are just barely making it, hoping for this epidemic to end. If you are one of them then there is some good news! Thanks to the rapid advancements in technology, there are some tools available that can help you survive during these uncertain times. It will also relieve some stress in terms of your business. What are they? Well, let’s get to it and find out!

1. Engaging & Utilitarian Websites

Even before the pandemic, people actively used to shop online. With people now practicing social distancing by staying at home, and stores closed, more consumers are now going to search for online businesses. Therefore, if your website is not up to the required standard, then there is a chance that you miss out on potential sales which could help your business to stay afloat. In case you are unsure how to improve your website, you can simply recruit a freelancer. He/she then can use their skills to fix your website which might give you a competitive edge.

However, before you go ahead with this, you will need to make sure that you are subscribed to the right ISP. I remember when I started my online business, I was extremely cautious of this. After carefully doing my research work, I opted for Spectrum internet. It has been working like a charm for me.

2. Enable E-Commerce Options

E-commerce is nothing new! It was popular before the pandemic hit. However, it has become even more essential now that everyone is practicing social distancing at home. While a website can help you carve out an online presence, adding the elements of e-commerce into your website will help your business to keep reaping profits during the current crisis. While you are enabling the e-commerce option, make sure that you pay special attention to making the user experience as friendly as possible. After all, you would not want to make it hard for your customers to navigate through your site. It will certainly leave a negative impression and nobody wants that!

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3. Opportunities to Learn

For instance, LinkedIn learning is now offering more than 15,000 paid and free courses on different topics ranging from PR placement to pricing strategies. This can help entrepreneurs to sharpen or advance their skill set which will later allow them to expand their small businesses.

4. COVID-19 Specific Health & Cleaning Tech

During this difficult time, a lot of different health-related tools were launched such as contactless payment systems. This was done to keep the public safe from the virus infection. The infrared thermometer is another invention that was introduced to check the temperature. The former is becoming quite popular and is also considered as the future for all in-person payment.

5. Video Conferencing Tools

Thanks to tech, the world now has access to different video conferencing tools. One popular service is Zoom. Chances are that you might have already heard of it during the pandemic. People and business owners are using this tool to communicate with each other. You can use Zoom for reaching out to your clients. Plus, this tool can allow you to meet with your staff virtually, allowing you to work with them effortlessly.

But then again, you will have to make sure that you are connected to a stable internet if you want the video conferencing tools to work properly. If your ISP is unreliable then it is best that you consider switching it like I did when I opted for one of the Spectrum packages.


The current epidemic has made it nothing but a challenge to keep small businesses running. While it might have become hard to keep the ventures operating smoothly, one shouldn’t give up hope and keep hustling just for the sake of the business’ prosperity. Plus, you can make use of technology to improve your business. You will just need to find out which tool will make the most difference for your venture.

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