6 Easy Ways To Speak English Confidently

Welcome to this blog Guys. This is about ways to speak English confidently and I'm going to talk about things you can do in your life to improve your spoken English.


Number one is practicing stories instead of practicing words like imagine a real-life situation when somebody asks you what you do for work and instead of learning I run my own company.

Learn to tell a story : “I started my company back in 2011. I was still in the University and was so passionate about learning language. I realized that the only good way to learn a foreign language is to travel somewhere.” so this is the story practice. There are so many questions that you get asked hundreds of times in your life like what do you do, where are you from, or why are you in the United States, etc. Create a list of those stories. Create a list of ten stories and practice them in the next two weeks and you will be amazed.


This sounds interesting. Isn’t it?? Try and sing along with your favorite singer try to sing in English and the like the toughest song toughest tones in the world our rap song. I've done them myself as well.

This is exactly what you should do. Sing only your favorite song, swish it on with subtitles lyrics and try to sing along try several times swish it on in your car when you're going somewhere in practice and practice and practice because you're not only practicing words you're also practicing the matter. You're also practicing really fast talking because well rap songs are amazing but it's so fast but if rap song is a little too tough for you right now you can go with any pop songs anything you know.


When you encounter a new word in English what you should do is not translating into your own language but ask Siri or Alexa your virtual helper for a definition and you will be listening to the definition. With this you are practicing your listening skills and you will be learning new words and then you repeat it itself. Go away from basics, go away from regular unusual methods. Be innovative. Use this innovative methods to practice.


During your speech learn the synonyms eg. four synonyms for “too good” for you: suitable, fine, appropriate, awesome. It's a good day, you can say: it's an awesome day, depending on what you're talking about. So we have beautiful, we have suitable, we have appropriate, fine. Write those words down


What you need to do is you need to start your YouTube channel. You don't have to show it to anyone. Just keep it to yourself. Record yourself, talk about anything in the world, listen to your speech and then write down the words that you hear.


Another thing I noticed is that not a lot of foreigners who speak English as their second language they don't really use tech questions but by using them you can actually sound more natural more like a native speaker. So try this: when you're talking to yourself, test that and then practice and then go out there and practice with a native speaker.

When you meet a native speaker. When you start a conversation in English you will be amazed how cool you are. By the way in my school we used to practice a lot of social topics we had variety of topics like the history of the Indian Revolution, my hobby, etc. You can try the same by standing in front of mirror, read your topic or you can even begin by reading an English newspaper.

You're doing an amazing thing for your language and for your brain. Think in English, Study in English, read in English and watch TV shows in English. Do everything in English.

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